Authenticity guaranteed

We offer a 100% guarantee that all items offered by Unique Designer Pieces are authentic luxury pieces. More and more counterfeit designer items appear on the market every day and we understand that online shopping for vintage luxury designer items can lead to concerns about authenticity.

Every item on our website is fully checked and verified directly by Unique Designer Pieces before it goes online. Designer items are checked at various points such as stitching, leather, serial numbers, hardware, attachments, logos, buttons, spelling, fabric and packaging.

With the risk of counterfeit designer items, it can be difficult for buyers to asses if they are buying legitimate authentic items. We do our best to offer you the comfort and confidence of shopping authentic vintage items.

We also offer a 14 days return on every product, allowing you to see the item before deciding whether to keep it or not.

Should you require further information regarding an item please contact Unique Designer Pieces with any queries. [email protected]