About us

Unique Designer Pieces is an online boutique to showcase the finest collections of brand new and second-hand designer items and authentic ‘vintage' pieces around the globe. 


UNQ focuses on finding the most unique items - both vintage and new - from collectors, but also directly from other stores.



Nowadays, not every garment that gets made is going to be sold out that particular season, which results in lots of excess designer items that simply get replaced with the newer collections when a season is over. UNQ noticed that some of these items are so unique and special, that it would be a shame not to make them available for the consumer. Combining these brand ‘new’ items (that might be just one season old) with vintage pieces (that can go back decades), or second-hand items that are worn a few times or just for a night, makes UNQ so exclusive.


UNQ has a broad collection for both men & women that is constantly renewed and updated with new pieces. We ship worldwide, whether you are located in Japan, the USA or Germany, we’ve got it covered. 



Our aim is to help you find the perfect designer piece you were already looking for - or the one you never knew you wanted. Whether it to be a new item or a golden oldie, there is something there for everyone.


So; browse our site, check our high-class brands and if you have something to tell us or if you want to sell your own items, please feel free to drop us an email.